Blue light destroys acne unlike anything else

Twenty-one teens and young adults treated themselves with low level blue light therapy for 4 weeks. The results were astonishing.

After just one week, their faces had fewer whiteheads and blackheads. After 28 days, their acne had been reduced even more. The participants liked the results, they liked using the blue light devices, and they found it to be more effective than other treatments they had tried.

Blue light therapy for acne

Blue light therapy for acne has been proven to be a safe and easy way to clear up skin without medication, and without much effort at all. It only takes a few minutes of exposure to LED devices each day. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t irritate skin.

Another study tested a legitimate device on one side of a patient’s face and a fake device on the other. In as few as two treatments, there was a visible difference on the side where the real blue light device was used.

How does blue light therapy for acne work? Bacteria called p. acnes causes pores to clog. Blue light messes with the metabolism of the p. acnes bacteria, causing it to self-destruct. This is better than topical treatments can do because the light gets deeper into the skin.

You may have heard of red light therapy, too. This doesn’t kill the acne bacteria, but it does shrink inflammation and help irritated and wounded skin to heal faster. Some acne treatment devices have both colors of light to speed up the process.

What’s the difference between using a device at home and visiting the dermatologist? The price of an office visit or two would pay for a home-use device. Although the equipment in the doctor’s office or the spa may be more powerful, the portable LED devices used at home work fine as well—they just take longer to get similar results.

How to choose the best epilators

Different epilators in the market come with specific features and a set of accessories to meet the different needs of consumers. Before you make the decision of buying an epilator, various factors must be taken into consideration. Having a complete guide at your disposal will make the selection criteria easy without regrets.

best epilators

This simple post will point exactly what to consider when choosing the best epilator in the market.

The three different types of epilators: The rotating disks, rotating spiral wire, and the multiple tweezers.

Getting to understand the different types of epilators that exist and the benefits of each type will make your selection a bit easier.

The spring type epilator: This type consists of springs coiled together. It is the springs that capture the hair and pull it out when in use. The springs can sometimes flex when used continuously which is a downside for this type of epilator. However, this is not a big issue as they can be bought separately and replaced.

Rotating disc epilator: This one works just like the spring type epilator. The only difference is the use of rotating discs instead of springs.

Multiple tweezers: This is the best type of epilator and one that is considered modern. It uses plates that create a tweezing effect as they move together in a revolution. The plates get close to your skin, pull out the hair and release it as they separate from your skin. The number of tweezers in the epilators is not the same always. A faster epilation process is usually experience when you have more tweezers.

The choice will usually come down to personal preference as all these types work.

Should you go for the dry or wet option?

For a long time, the dry option has been the preferred way for epilating the skin. However, the trend is changing with more women looking for a kinder option to their skin. There are epilator models designed to work on a dry skin while others work on wet skin. The wet epilator options can work in a shower but must be charged before use. They are usually small, cordless and handheld.  They are considered to have a low level of pain and mostly preferred by women.  The choice here also comes down to personal preference.

The level of pain experienced

Pulling out hairs from the root can be a painful experience especially for those using the epilators for the first time. However, some epilator models now come with various accessories that help ease the pain. There is a cooling pack which constitutes a bag of gel that must be refrigerated before the epilating process. You can also get gloves and cooling wipes in the pack.

A corded or cordless option

Here the choice comes down to personal preference has each option has its pros and cons. Corded epilators are a bit heavy and not easy to transport. However, they are powerful, and one does not have to worry about charging them.

Cordless epilator, on the other hand, doesn’t have as much power as the corded ones but are quite lightweight and convenient to carry when traveling. They are easy to transport and a great choice for holidays.

The speed settings

Most epilators nowadays have a 2-speed setting giving people the option to choose a speed that works for them. However, some models have a single speed setting. If you’re new to epilators, it is advised that you choose one with at least two speeds setting. Some speed settings might not work in some sensitive parts of your body. Having the choice to change from fast to low speed can help.

Multifunctional features

Some epilators are known to come with a shaver head. This makes it a dual function epilator which is a good thing, especially when traveling. You don’t have to carry two devices the use power when you can have one serving two purposes.

The choice here also comes down to your personal preference as some shaver heads might not be of the best quality. If you decide with the multifunctional epilator, make sure to choose one with a quality shaver.

A built-in light option

This is a great feature to consider when looking to get rid of short hairs in the shadowy regions of the body. The inbuilt light can be useful is such scenarios.

The Price

The price is another big determinant, but one must consider it while keeping in mind the features. Most epilators will range from $30-$120. The choice is here getting an epilator the functions well and works for your specific needs.


Epilation is a good way to get rid of unwanted hairs on your skin. If you’ve decided on buying an epilator, don’t use it once and leave it in the closet. Use it regularly and only go shaving when in a hurry.

Hair restoration and regrowth with laser hair growth device

A long time before now, when laser and hair were used in the same sentence, it meant using laser technology to remove hair. But now, laser technology is famous for its amazing application to hair growth.

laser hair growth device

The idea of using a laser to stimulate hair growth was first published in the 1960’s, and it was met with a lot of skepticism and doubt. It sounded very unreal- especially to people who had been dealing with hair loss for much of their adult lives- that hair could be restored by exposing the scalp to cool and gentle laser light. But it became believable as more and more people regained their hair from using laser devices. Currently, there are lots of devices in the market that use lasers to regrow and restore hair.

Hair loss is something that most of us would have to face at some point in our lives. And laser hair growth devices would become very handy then.  Laser hair growth devices use low-level light therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth and prevents the worry and anxiety that is associated with thinning or loss of hair. It is a very popular option for people who want a safe and effective way of restoring their natural hair.

How does a laser hair growth device work to restore hair?

The LLLT is absorbed into the cell, which triggers cellular activity and enhances it. The LLT also activates old aging cells, making them more active. This awakening of old cells increases their effectiveness in hair growth and enables the hair follicles to sustain a healthy and natural growth cycle.

In general, a laser hair growth device works to increase the diameter existing hair shafts, enhances hair growth from viable hair follicles and increases the hair’s resistance to breakage.

Who is laser hair growth device suitable for?

Basically, the device is recommended for;

  • People with diffuse hair loss
  • People experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy or related medications
  • People who suffer from illnesses that cause hair loss
  • Those who are expecting to or are experiencing post-partum hair loss
  • People who have hereditary pattern hair loss
  • People who plan to or have had a hair transplant surgery

Generally, laser hair growth devices works best for people with thinning hair and pattern baldness.


Hair cells are one of the fastest growing cells in our body. Laser light on the scalp creates an energizing effect that energizes the hair and improves its feel and appearance shortly. A Laser hair growth device is safe and painless, the lasers do not burn scalp or tissue.

The result of using laser hair devices to regrow hair varies from person to person, but it is more suited for people with moderate hair loss. That is why it is advisable to use it early before your hair loss condition advances.

As long as you avoid using topical medications (medications that increases your skin’s sensitivity to light) and avoid looking directly into the laser light while using the laser hair growth device, the device would be completely safe to use. It has no side effects and can trigger hair growth under a short space of time.

How I Switched from Gels to SNS Nails?

You may love the smell of a nail salon, but I don’t. It gives me a headache. That’s why dip powder nails are such a welcome change. They don’t ruin my natural nails, the process doesn’t expose me to UV light or smell as bad, and there’s no heavy-duty filing needed to remove the polish.

SNS Nails

Acrylic nails were a good solution for a while, but all the drilling and filing to get the old coating off was a little scary. Even though the manicurist used a small fan to blow the dust away from me, she wore a mask while working, so I’m guessing it’s not safe to breathe in those particles all day long. At least she couldn’t smell the fumes as strong with her mask on. Of course, she said she was used to it. But I felt like I needed a mask just to survive getting my nails done.

The other downer to acrylics or shellac was that my real nails underneath the polish were sad-looking and thin. The shellac sometimes made my nails curve inward as they grew out, and they were prone to splitting if I didn’t cover them up with a new manicure.

One day I went with a friend to her salon. She had shown me her nails to tell me that it was time for a new manicure. She said it had been three weeks since her last one. I could tell that her nails had grown out, but the polish was impeccable. The soft pink was still shiny and natural-looking, and she didn’t have chips or cracks.

Her salon used SNS Nails, the dip powder system I’d been hearing other people talk about. It was a slow time during the day, so I was able to pull up a chair and watch the manicure. There was no filing, only a gentle soak in acetone while the manicurist talked to me about their color selection and showed me samples.

My friend chose a rich blue from the Diva Collection. I got to watch while the nail tech expertly shaped her nails, applied base coats, then dipped her fingers in a small form holding powder that didn’t look especially blue. She repeated the process after a second coat. While she worked, she talked about how she went to Los Angeles for a two-day training on doing SNS Nails.

Once the top coats went on, the color was vibrant and glittery. The nails only needed a couple minutes to dry. There were no UV lights like with gels. There wasn’t a strong odor, either. The tech massaged in a Vitamin oil into my friend’s fingers and the manicure was done. I was so impressed I made an appointment to go back for myself.

Essential Oils – Background And Their Uses

Essential Oil

Life is full of stress and anxiety. It has become imperative to look for options that would relax your mind and body. There is indeed a necessity to discover the means by which the harmonic balance can be maintained and restored.  Aromatherapy is a procedure which helps to calm your nerves down, maintain the balance of your mind and creates a refreshing and rejuvenating effect all over your body. What is Aromatherapy? Well, it is all about using different types of essential oils into good effect. These oils are used to elevate your spirit and ignite your senses.

Essential Oil

The History of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is not a new concept. As a matter of fact, it is an age old tradition which has its roots in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia. As per historical records, the Mughal emperors used essential to great effect. The tradition of creating “Itter” an ancient Indian perfume has been developed from these essential oils. What makes it so special is the fact that these oils are easily available in the market and are quite affordable

The Modern Way of Using the Essential Oils

The method of using these essential oils did not go through a lot changes over the last couple of centuries. These days, you have the diffusers which are quite similar to the mechanism which was used earlier. The essential oil diffusers are available in different designs with different mechanisms. Some uses heat to spread the aroma of the oil while others use the air. Irrespective of the types of diffusers and the process they used, these devices are the best means when it comes to dispersing the fragrance of essential oils all around you.

What makes these Oils so Special?

When they are diffused in the air around you, the essential oils can make a huge difference in terms of your well being and health. These oils have numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It helps your body and mind to relax and feel refreshed when you are stressed and tired
  • They act as a very effective remedy for headache
  • When you inhale the molecules dispersed in the air, they are being absorbed by your lungs. This has a very healthy outcome.
  • These oils can be very effective if you have breathing issues like asthma
  • They help to enhance your sensuality and have a positive effect in your sex life.

When diffused, the molecules of these oils help to get rid of the airborne germs like bacteria, microbes and viruses. They help to eliminate the mildew and molds present in the air and your room get filled with a pleasant and refreshing essence.

When it comes to the best essential oil diffuser for the money, it is recommended that you go for the best quality available in the market. If you wish for the best result, then you must opt the best product which would be expensive. However, it can be safely concluded by saying that you will not regret the investment.

Best Tens Units For The Money


There are so many tens units available in the market that selecting the one suitable for you becomes a difficult task. In order to get the best tens units for the money, there has to be a proper research about the available options in the market and also thorough evaluation of one’s corresponding requirements.

Also since now the tens units are available in the market without any medical prescription, unlike previous times when the tens units were issued only when a doctor advises a patient to buy, it has become all the more important to become vigilant while selecting the best for your money.

How to get value for money?

Value for money has different perceptions with different people. Some people think that with the current features the product should be cheaper. Some think it gives enhanced features for its higher price. Both could be right in some way, but in order to attain the value for money for these Tens units, there is one necessary step that needs to be taken. This is to select the right unit that corresponds if not all, then maximum of your requirements.


Batteries – These tens units are available in batteries with different power. A rechargeable battery powered tens unit would be a better option as compared to other batteries that needs to be replaced periodically. It would not just be a convenient option but also a cost effective option.

Brand – At times you might get same features in two different models of different brands at different cost. Here one needs to be careful and informed as there are few brands who charge just for their superior brand image. In such cases, one can select a cheaper alternative as there will be no difference in the performance.

Customer reviews – Due to digitization, it has become very easy to understand the existing user’s experience. You might think how genuine the reviews are posted on the website, but it would definitely give you an idea of how good that product is. If not the website, today there are a number of blogs too where people post their actual experience and are more genuine than the website reviews. It would be a good way to evaluate a few options in order to narrow down your list of options.

Ease of use – this might not be the top most criteria but is a crucial factor determining the Best tens units you pay for. If the product is easy to use, you will use it to its full potential else gradually you would reduce its usage and look out for more comfortable options.


To get value for money, the customer would need to take some efforts and gain the available background information in order to get to the best tens units. Once you have your checklist of requirements and the matching options, then getting on to the right model is just a hands distance away.