Blue light destroys acne unlike anything else

Twenty-one teens and young adults treated themselves with low level blue light therapy for 4 weeks. The results were astonishing.

After just one week, their faces had fewer whiteheads and blackheads. After 28 days, their acne had been reduced even more. The participants liked the results, they liked using the blue light devices, and they found it to be more effective than other treatments they had tried.

Blue light therapy for acne

Blue light therapy for acne has been proven to be a safe and easy way to clear up skin without medication, and without much effort at all. It only takes a few minutes of exposure to LED devices each day. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t irritate skin. (more…)

Best Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants- New Age Plantation


Who knew light could help grow plants, in fact, today, many are using LED lights for growing weed indoors, doing a great job in delivering outstanding results. Many experts in this field recommend using these lights as it makes the entire process comfortable ensuring it does not harm the environment. So, if you are up for getting such lights, you can easily get your hands on the best LED grow lights for indoor plants. Read below to know more about such lights.


What is an LED grow light?

For someone who is knew to this entire process, a little knowledge on such lights and its procedure can only be helpful. To begin with, it is an artificial process but what is amazing to see is that it fetches fruit bearing plants, which is definitely a pleasing sight to witness. The manner in which it works is very simple, the light that comes from these lights works as a perfect substitute for the natural photosynthesis procedure. In the current times, it is nice to see people experimenting new methods over traditional methodology, only shows that we belong to an advanced time and age.

Essentials of Indoor Planting

While we are emphasizing on getting best LED grow lights for indoor plants, what is not meant to be overlooked is the other essential requirements. For instance, you need to get the right kinds of plants, indoor plants are not the same as outdoor plants. So, make sure you look around specifically for indoor plants. Secondly, you need right set of containers, ones that can be kept clean and drained from time to time. Last but not the least, the most important of all, a suitable lighting system.

You cannot choose any LED grow lights, you need to check on the type, features, brand and of course, its wavelength so that the right amount of power is generated to the plants.


Given that, there are some very particular things to consider while getting the best LED grow lights for indoor plants, a little bit of homework is only going to make things easier for you. One of the best means to gather the desired information on indoor plantation is the World Wide Web. You can gather immense amount of information, only allowing you to know better about the process so that in turn you decide wisely.

Ask the Sales Person

When you visit a store to buy lights, ask the sales man to help you with the best LED grow lights. They have more knowledge and you can share your knowledge with him or her, making it easier for the sales person to offer you the suitable set of LED grow lights.


LED grow lights is the new generation means to get the plants to grow healthier and stronger. For places where sunlight is deprived due to different reasons, you are bound to get the desired plantation with the help of these lights. The markets offer you umpteen options, and the best way to get the best LED grow lights is by knowing a little about it, discussing it with the experts and the result is a fruitful investment.

Beginner Friendly Features You Need in Your Weed Eater/ String Trimmer

Not all of us are trained or experts in using gadgets and machines that are used in lawns and backyards. Most of the people who use things like electric lawn mowers, weed eaters and string trimmers make sure to have certain features so that they can work with them easily and get the desired results without any issues.

It is important to understand that when you are planning to buy a weed eater, you must know that, there are different kinds of weed eaters and string trimmers that are available for you to buy.

electrically powered weed eaters

Further, you must know that not all of these trimmers are made at the same level. They have different efficiency levels, different functions and features which may help people start working in their lawn easily.

Some of the trimmers are gas powered, some are electrically powered weed eaters. You may need to look for the most convenient option based on the various factors that may affect the overall performance and the operation of the machine.

Despite the fact that the functions and purpose of all weed eaters are the same, these are provided with a different best of functions, features, and capabilities to give the right level of performance that the user needs.


Must Have Checklist for Selecting the Best Supplement for Better Health

There are many things that we buy every day. The things we buy are usually our everyday essentials which we have to use like groceries and everyday living objects. Among the many things related to food, we have to make sure that we have the best, nutritious and balanced food items that will benefit our health. Today, it’s a big problem everywhere to find balanced, safe and healthy food products. Its fact that people have many choices, but when it comes to quality and balance, you need to work things out quite carefully because we may not compromise on our health in any way.

The best way to get a balanced diet is to aid yourself with safe and healthy health supplements. Not all supplements are to be used every day. These are selected on the basis of the deficiencies, issues, health problems and the various symptoms people must have been facing in life.

To obtain a required balanced ratio of the needed nutrients, these supplements can be a lot more helpful than just eating the food components in your diet.  To select the best dietary supplements you may focus on the following things and make a checklist before you pick your supplement for daily use:


Try to find herbal supplements that do not offer any kind of synthetic ingredients. Or in case if there are synthetic components used in the making of the supplement, it is important to check if it is safe to use in combination with the other ingredients.

  • Check the purpose that the supplement fulfills. food supplements like Saffron supplements, calcium supplements, Saw palmetto and Glucosamine supplements are popular among adults and elderly due to the numerous benefits they offer. So, it is important to note the purpose for which the supplement works. It is important to choose the right supplement that is suitable to treat the problem you have been facing.
  • Also, don’t forget to check out potency and the amount as well as number and type of ingredients per serving. It is important to balance the dosage as per your bodily requirements so select the one that serves your body in a balanced manner.
  • The specs and quality of ingredients must be checked. The source and the purity of the ingredients need to be of high standard. It is important because if you do not consider from which source the ingredients have been derived and the level of quality of the ingredients that is determined by the purity and effectiveness, then you may not be able to get the desired support and health benefits.

How to choose the best epilators

Different epilators in the market come with specific features and a set of accessories to meet the different needs of consumers. Before you make the decision of buying an epilator, various factors must be taken into consideration. Having a complete guide at your disposal will make the selection criteria easy without regrets.

best epilators

This simple post will point exactly what to consider when choosing the best epilator in the market.

The three different types of epilators: The rotating disks, rotating spiral wire, and the multiple tweezers.

Getting to understand the different types of epilators that exist and the benefits of each type will make your selection a bit easier.

The spring type epilator: This type consists of springs coiled together. It is the springs that capture the hair and pull it out when in use. The springs can sometimes flex when used continuously which is a downside for this type of epilator. However, this is not a big issue as they can be bought separately and replaced.

Rotating disc epilator: This one works just like the spring type epilator. The only difference is the use of rotating discs instead of springs.

Multiple tweezers: This is the best type of epilator and one that is considered modern. It uses plates that create a tweezing effect as they move together in a revolution. The plates get close to your skin, pull out the hair and release it as they separate from your skin. The number of tweezers in the epilators is not the same always. A faster epilation process is usually experience when you have more tweezers.

The choice will usually come down to personal preference as all these types work. (more…)

Hair restoration and regrowth with laser hair growth device

A long time before now, when laser and hair were used in the same sentence, it meant using laser technology to remove hair. But now, laser technology is famous for its amazing application to hair growth.

laser hair growth device

The idea of using a laser to stimulate hair growth was first published in the 1960’s, and it was met with a lot of skepticism and doubt. It sounded very unreal- especially to people who had been dealing with hair loss for much of their adult lives- that hair could be restored by exposing the scalp to cool and gentle laser light. But it became believable as more and more people regained their hair from using laser devices. Currently, there are lots of devices in the market that use lasers to regrow and restore hair.


How I Switched from Gels to SNS Nails?

You may love the smell of a nail salon, but I don’t. It gives me a headache. That’s why dip powder nails are such a welcome change. They don’t ruin my natural nails, the process doesn’t expose me to UV light or smell as bad, and there’s no heavy-duty filing needed to remove the polish.

SNS Nails

Acrylic nails were a good solution for a while, but all the drilling and filing to get the old coating off was a little scary. Even though the manicurist used a small fan to blow the dust away from me, she wore a mask while working, so I’m guessing it’s not safe to breathe in those particles all day long. At least she couldn’t smell the fumes as strong with her mask on. Of course, she said she was used to it. But I felt like I needed a mask just to survive getting my nails done.


Essential Oils – Background And Their Uses

Essential Oil

Life is full of stress and anxiety. It has become imperative to look for options that would relax your mind and body. There is indeed a necessity to discover the means by which the harmonic balance can be maintained and restored.  Aromatherapy is a procedure which helps to calm your nerves down, maintain the balance of your mind and creates a refreshing and rejuvenating effect all over your body. What is Aromatherapy? Well, it is all about using different types of essential oils into good effect. These oils are used to elevate your spirit and ignite your senses.

Essential Oil

The History of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is not a new concept. As a matter of fact, it is an age old tradition which has its roots in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Rome, Greece and Mesopotamia. As per historical records, the Mughal emperors used essential to great effect. The tradition of creating “Itter” an ancient Indian perfume has been developed from these essential oils. What makes it so special is the fact that these oils are easily available in the market and are quite affordable.