How I Switched from Gels to SNS Nails?

You may love the smell of a nail salon, but I don’t. It gives me a headache. That’s why dip powder nails are such a welcome change. They don’t ruin my natural nails, the process doesn’t expose me to UV light or smell as bad, and there’s no heavy-duty filing needed to remove the polish.

SNS Nails

Acrylic nails were a good solution for a while, but all the drilling and filing to get the old coating off was a little scary. Even though the manicurist used a small fan to blow the dust away from me, she wore a mask while working, so I’m guessing it’s not safe to breathe in those particles all day long. At least she couldn’t smell the fumes as strong with her mask on. Of course, she said she was used to it. But I felt like I needed a mask just to survive getting my nails done.

The other downer to acrylics or shellac was that my real nails underneath the polish were sad-looking and thin. The shellac sometimes made my nails curve inward as they grew out, and they were prone to splitting if I didn’t cover them up with a new manicure.

One day I went with a friend to her salon. She had shown me her nails to tell me that it was time for a new manicure. She said it had been three weeks since her last one. I could tell that her nails had grown out, but the polish was impeccable. The soft pink was still shiny and natural-looking, and she didn’t have chips or cracks.

Her salon used SNS Nails, the dip powder system I’d been hearing other people talk about. It was a slow time during the day, so I was able to pull up a chair and watch the manicure. There was no filing, only a gentle soak in acetone while the manicurist talked to me about their color selection and showed me samples.

My friend chose a rich blue from the Diva Collection. I got to watch while the nail tech expertly shaped her nails, applied base coats, then dipped her fingers in a small form holding powder that didn’t look especially blue. She repeated the process after a second coat. While she worked, she talked about how she went to Los Angeles for a two-day training on doing SNS Nails.

Once the top coats went on, the color was vibrant and glittery. The nails only needed a couple minutes to dry. There were no UV lights like with gels. There wasn’t a strong odor, either. The tech massaged in a Vitamin oil into my friend’s fingers and the manicure was done. I was so impressed I made an appointment to go back for myself.